14 Jan 2009

Going dotty

I just adore polkadots - whenever I’m in a shop my eye is drawn the anything with colourful dots, and items on-line are no exception. Today I’ve chosen some beautifully dotty items, in the hope that you guys will join me in my enthusiasm. As I’ve found you can pretty much find them on any different type of item… jewellery, purses, brooches and even knitting needles, as you’ll see!

This frame pouch by Yunisacs is so classy, unique and well made. The purple polkadot print is so cute and works really well with the pink floral design - a perfect valentine’s day present!

I’ve had my eye on these beauties for a while now! I keep telling myself once I learn to knit then these will be my reward! For the knitters amongst you, or for a knitter you love these handcrafted knitting needles by baahurrah would make a perfect present. You can choose what sizes you’d like and even what colour you’d like your dots!

This item from MagpieNest is just what I want in a piece of jewellery – simple, stylish and quirky all in one. This unique pendant is made using Japanese washi paper in a sterling silver holder.

All of Lupin’s brooches are fun, cute and very wearable. I really wanted to feature her badger as it makes me giggle (in a very good way) every time I look at it. I’m not sure what it is about badgers that is so funny. Anyway… I’ve chosen a lovely red British teapot instead as it’s got more to do with dots than badgers do. I love tea, maybe I’ve had too much today, which would explain the giggling.

Designed by Lynnea created this gem of a bracelet. These dotty lampwork beads are really eye catching. I like the deep blue one of the beads best, but they are all beautiful.

I'm dotty about dots! Are you?

Written by Rose P of Felt Giraffe


  1. These are all adorable! Great feature!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am a polka dot fan too. Really love that change purse.

  3. Great feature...love everyones works! - CT

  4. I love poka dots too!! They are timeless classics!!


  5. Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet in this blog! I love the purse and the knitting needles too!


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