19 Feb 2009

6 by 6 tag game.

I've been tagged by the lovely Michelle who writes the photography tips for this blog: the tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game. Rules: choose the sixth image out of your sixth picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag six more people to do the same.

I've decided instead of tagging six bloggers I would just pick 6 peoples items that relate to the 6th file, 6th picture to show you.

Well this is it, the 6th of the 6th photo. It's me hula hooping on the beach. The photo was taken last year by Jon. We were waiting for friends to join us and I was hooping so they would be able to find us easily when they got down past the dunes onto the sand. The people in the background are attempting to put up a beach tent shelter because as you can see by the state of my hair although it was very sunny and warm it was very, very windy. It was a fabulous day!

I found this print of an original pastel painting in Art by Joni shop. Isn't it beautiful! There is a path like this down to the beach I'm hooping on in the above photo. Check out the rest of Joni's work. Her shop is well worth a visit.

Blue Gorilla Gallery has this burlesque hooper doing her thing. This bright and vibrant original acrylic on canvas painting could be yours. I think it would make a great talking point when hung on the wall. I love it.

Andy Fee's small original watercolour is just so much fun. People on the sand playing in the sunshine. I love days like that. This image captures that so beautifully, yet simply. I can almost smell the seaside aroma.

I picked Zozo Cards little Koala to share because he looks like he is having lots of fun and to me that's what hula hooping is all about. This print would make a perfect gift for a hula hoop lover or a Koala lover.

Mountain Brook Store created this fabulous wooden silhouette of children building sandcastles on the beach. It brings to mind my childhood looking through rock pools for crabs and other sea creatures. The little shovels are just perfect.

Boolady's shop is full of vintage pictures and this one just makes me smile so much. This is a photo from way back when hula hooping was in it's infancy and Boolady looks like she's really hooping it up! I'm loving the TV in the background too.

So there are my six choices that relate to my 6th of the 6th. All of these items have triggered much loved memories for me, so thank you for tagging me Michelle.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Wow, interesting pics. I've never heard of this type of tag game but it looks to be fun.

  2. lynne, this is wonderful! i love the shot of you hooping (great pic, jon!) and all the lovely work below - how fab is that silhouette?? i'm longing for summer...


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