22 Feb 2009

Artisan of the week, Kwun of Treaclezoo

I love the name of this weeks artisan's shop. Treaclezoo is just one of the best names I've seen in ages! This shop is full of the cutest creatures and the yummiest looking faux food. I challenge you to look through her shops and not come away with a feeling of longing to own one of her items. Pook the cat might have to soon come and live at my house, but shhhh don't tell Jon I'm spending money.

Could you please introduce us to who you are and what you do?
Hello, I’m Kwun, and I am the hands and heart behind Treaclezoo. I am lucky to be living on the border of London and Kent, enjoying easy reach of the buzzing city life where I was born & grew up, and lightning access to some of the most lovely English countryside. I took a career break to bring up our daughters, and like for many, crafting was a resumed pleasure from childhood.

I sew with felt and fabric, and I crochet, (mainly with acrylic wool as I have sensitive skin) making goodies that seem to largely fit the "kawaii" category: cute, fun, often anthropomorphic, regularly of little functional value yet often a "must have" because it just adds to the joy of life! So, amigurumi creatures and cute keepsake dolls are one strand, and the other reflects my love for food, which manifests in the ever popular playfood concoctions.

What led you to take up your craft?
I learnt to crochet as a result of my first love – library books! I do believe it was a Ladybird book borrowed when I was around 9 years old. Sewing? Well, my mum was a machinist when I was a child, working many long hours at the loud, industrial sewing machine running up sackloads of clothes for clothing manufacturers. I was mesmerised by the boxes of leftover thread bobbins -the colours! - I loved sorting them. I just "needed" to sew to use them!
A desire to reclaim "me", a distraction from the tedium of housework, to delight & inspire my offspring, these all play a part in what led me back to crochet and sewing. Also, I guess, the inability to be idle, a desperate need to be "creating", a surreptitious wish to "show off", and something purposeful for all my squirrelled haberdashery purchases?

Which part of your work do you most enjoy?

The shopping, lol. For some women, it’s shoes and handbags (case in point my sister & mum), but for me, there is nothing more intoxicating than being let loose in haberdashery shops; I will lovingly stroke my new purchases of wool or lay out my newly acquired fabric scraps in the way many women like to do with their latest fashion buys. A bit weird, but since joining the bigger online crafting world, I realise I am not alone!
Of course, on a more serious note, it goes without saying that the whole creative process is enjoyable (otherwise, why do it? Not for the money that’s for sure!)… it’s can be maddening, trying to transform a floaty idea into something tangible, but I guess that's what makes the final stage most thrilling!

Which part do you find hardest?

On the business front, it has been a steep learning curve, having learnt on the Folksy forum that I was meant to have registered as a small business when I started! I am determined to do things properly, and so I’m learning how to sort out the paperwork & work with HMRC :o)

Where do you hope to be in 1 year’s time?
I hope to be healthy and well, enjoying my time with my family & celebrating my daughter having passed her 11+ exams! I hope that Treaclezoo will continue to grow its following of delighted customers and that I will continue to make lovely goodies that people want to buy & enjoy owning or giving. I also hope my husband will continue to enjoy helping me with his wonderful photography and pc expertise!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

On many craft sites & blogs, the mantra of "make what you love" is espoused, and I’d have to say it rings true. My parents always told me that if I work hard, I will be able to achieve: I will always be indebted to them for instilling self confidence in me & pride in what I do – they are rare breed of Chinese parents, where often, the norm is to belittle your kids efforts in the hope it spurs them onto greatness!
Proverbs 16:3, "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed" is very important to me and underpins my life and all I do.

Could you name artisans sites/shops would you recommend are worth a visit?

There are so many! And many I enjoy have been mentioned many times by others, so here are a couple you might not have heard of so often:
for pure crochet yumminess & the simple pleasures of being a homemaker, Laura at Attic24.
Patchwork really appeals to the fabric-love side of me, and Laurraine makes exquisite goodies that take patchwork away from the bedspread in a way that I love.
Lastly, local to me, Daisies are our Silver is a local lass whom I like to drag down to the ghost town that is our local high street, so that we can rummage in charity shops together. Her 3D work is beautifully detailed & not captured sufficiently in photos – the kind of work that needs to be held in one’s fingertips to be truly appreciated. I find her cartoon sketches delightful. She sells on Etsy & Folksy and her descriptions alone are always worth a peek.

What is your favourite sandwich filling?
Anything with egg, whether boiled & mashed with mayo & a handful of cress, or fried with crispy bacon, or maybe an omelette with mushrooms in a baguette… mmm, feeling hungry just thinking about it!

Thank you Kwun for agreeing to join us on our blog! Your Etsy and Folksy shops are so full of fabulous goodies. Dear reader, if you want to see more of Kwuns work she also has a Flickr account you can take a look through. Remember all the photos link to the items in their shops, so click through and look around. Happy Sunday browsing everyone!

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew


  1. I love her work, it wa sthe first seller I looked at on Folksy when I joined.
    The cakes are divine and I adore the little people in the cake tin!

  2. Wow, this is a great blog. I don't know how I've managed to miss Treaclezoo before! Everything's so adorable.

  3. Yay for treaclezoo! I love Kwun's work and it's so nice to find out more about her.

  4. oh how cute! I love them all. :)

  5. Very cute stuff, and the presentation is awesome!

  6. OMG, those tarts on the stand are stunning!

  7. One of my first Faves, always a pleasure to see her items!!

  8. Kwun is so multi-talented it's such a blessing for all of us. An inspirational figure and role model by far!


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