11 Feb 2009


Today, I had my windscreen replaced as it has had an increasingly lengthening crack running from the bottom passenger side corner towards the middle of the screen for some time now.
Skully and I were starting to worry that if I left it any longer that it would crack even further and the windscreen would eventually fail on me as I was driving down the motorway (the motorway is my road to work and back every day), the results of which could be fatal. So huzzah, it got replaced whilst I was at work, so I now have a lovely clean and crack free windscreen on my car.

Which leads me neatly to today's chosen topic; cars!

The first item is a print of one of my favourite cars ever made. The Lamborghini Murcielago *drooooools onto the keyboard*. This item is either a very large wall sticker, or the artisan ( bombgrafx ) has a very small sofa. The sticker comes in a much wider range of colours, but more importantly, is also 1/11000th the price of a full scale Murcielago! So for those of us who don't have a spare £188,910 ($271,481) laying around, this is the closest we will ever get to owning one!

Next up we have something that I desperatly need. A car bin. My little car's floor is covered in empty Lucozade bottles, used tissues, chocolate bar wrappers, petrol receipts, scrunched up sweet wrappers and other miscellaneous "rubbish". If I had this car bin, ther'd actually be a container for the rubbish, other than the passenger footwell. Big thanks goes out to KustomDesigns for this item.

The next item, made by Bee Smith, caught my eye because I had that exact same toy car when I was a child and I think that I may still have it somewhere in a box. As I'm a boy with the traditional short hair, this product would look rather 'odd' on me to say the least. However we all know at least one of the following: a long haired female, a vain footballer or a hippy, and I'm certain that they would each appreciate it!

This stunning toy box was constructed and then lovingly hand painted by withhugsandkisses and features cars, tractors and fire engines! With an excellent storage capacity, this is an awesome place to hide/ tidy all your (children's) toy cars, which, if yours are anything like I was, will have hundreds, often scattered around the house, but mainly near stairs and anywhere you might walk with a priceless Ming vase on a tray, or when you are carrying a big bowl of tomato soup over a white carpet!

Last up we have these cool alloy wheel cufflinks as made by enthraldesigns. Made from recycled toy parts and guaranteed to never come apart, these would look great on any shirt. The artisan does say that the wheels have done many a mile, so don't expect them to have much tread left!....

Which reminds me.. I need to book an MOT for my car! However, as it was fully serviced just under 20k miles ago, had new tyres under 1k miles ago, and a new windscreen under 25 miles ago, I expect it to sail (drive?) through with no problems. Wish me luck!

Written by Jon of Hyperloop Hoops.

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  1. This is a super cool post. Thanks so much for featuring my cufflinks with so many other awesome products!


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