10 Feb 2009

Dinosaurs! WooooHoooo!

Admit it, you love them too. Dinosaurs may have died out millions of years ago, but we are all still fascinated by them. Maybe because they are long gone is why we are so interested in them. From the smallest child to the oldest person on the earth dinosaurs capture our imagination. The variety of shapes and sizes astound us, especially the Massive ones like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and brontosaurs. Lots of artisans use dinosaurs in their work. Lets have a look at some.

Love Yu has created this cuddly cute blue patterned dinosaur. He's very stylish and anyone would love to have him as a squishy pal to keep them company. At 14 inches high I'm tempted to buy him to put on my sofa so that when a scary movie comes on the telly I can hug him and he can protect me form all the oogally boogallies.

Just how cute is this? Yes I do mean the baby and the bandanna bib. Kewt Kids made this great dino dribble catcher. The main problem I've found with bibs in the past is that babies have a naughty habit of moving their head to watch the cat go past and they drool past the side edges of conventional bibs. This one, however is beautifully wide. It's sure to keep your babies clothes nice and clean.

Wood, wood, wonderful wood! Eenie Beanie Threads has combined a fabby dinosaur design with one of my favourite materials and created this beautiful jigsaw. This smiling T-Rex looks like he has spotted dinner and is about to go off and catch it. I hope I'm not dinner *gasp*

The Polka Dot Tot Spot's shop is chock full of beautiful soft toys. There are building blocks, soft balls and bunting. These dino blocks would make the perfect gift for a new born. Soft, safe and tactile. There is a matching ball to go with them, which would be great to encourage babies learning to crawl and walk to chase when rolled across the floor.

Sugar and Cream's print made me smile. The little kitty is willing to share her ice cream with the big red dinosaur. Is it just so the dinosaur won't eat her or is it just because she is a kind kitty? I think it's the latter. The print looks utterly stunning when framed (there is a photo in the listing). A perfect picture to hang in a playroom or child's bedroom... or in my bedroom.

I adore all the items I found to day. So much love and care had been lavished on each of them in their creation, how could you not adore them? Go and put "Dinosaur" into the search engine of your favourite handmade shopping site and come back here and leave a link in the comments to the item(s) you most like. Share the dinosaur love!

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew


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