4 Feb 2009

Watch the Birdie!

This week I brought a lovely bag from a shop on folksy called Notes. As you can see from the photo of me holding it, it’s gorgeous!

The inside is lined with navy blue and white polka dot fabric with a handy pocket – it’s just the right size to keep all my stuff in. I shall be proudly wearing everyday to work! So, in celebration of such a lovely purchase, this week I’ll be choosing lovely stuff with birds on.

First up is this hand felted red cushion by Olofsdaughter. It’s bold design makes it a perfect piece to brighten up any room. It’s made from 100% Australian merino wool, which must be why it looks so lovely and soft.

I love this bird parade mobile by Gifts Define – it’s so cute! Two of my friends are expecting children this month, so I think I’m going a bit soft around the edges for children’s items, and children in general! This decorative item includes four colourful wool felt birds and a happy sad cloud who is oh, so sweet! This shop offers a variety of other types of mobile, including a funky safari mobile which is equally as cute.

I’ve chosen some lovely hand printed birdie gift tags from Paperleaf. These 5 gift tags are printed on recycled manilla card. Perfect for jazzing up your gifts! Paperleaf produces a wide range of lovely gocco printed materials, including custom made wedding invitations, as well as some very funky earrings.

I love prints of any sort, but I especially love this print from Lapwing Printworks. This wonderful cockerel print is made using wood block print. His six different colours really make him so pretty. My parents used to keep chicken when I was a child (in London!), so I’m especially fond of them. Once I have a house of my own, I’d love to have this print on one of my walls. I don’t think I’ll be quite ready for real chickens yet!

Last but not least – the cutest corduroy purse by Needles and Buttons. The little paisley fabric birdie on the front really caught my eye. You can’t tell from the photo, but the back of the purse has embroidered with yellow flowers – this little touch really makes this purse extra special.

Written by Rose P of Felt Giraffe


  1. I love birdies!
    Those labels are yummy...

  2. Some lovely birdy picks - we love the mobile!

    Thanks for featuring our print!

  3. Aw thanks Rose for featuring my gift tags! I love all the other picks too especially the mobile, gorgeous!!

  4. delightful posting...the gift tags are so tweet ^^ thank for including my birdie mobile, so nice of you!

  5. Thanks so much for including my bag! I'm loving those hand printed birdie gift tags!


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