17 Feb 2009

Wedding Season

So Spring is on it's way and that means new beginnings, fresh shoots and the Wedding season gets into full swing. Friends of mine recently announced they were engaged and going to get married later this year. In all honesty I don't think anyone was surprised by news because they have been together for a long time and make a good couple. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly.

So what is the first thing you need for a wedding? I guess it has to be rings, for what is a wedding without the giving and receiving of rings? Shade Jewelry made this stunning textured titanium wedding band set. I really like these. They look somewhat different from the norm and I think that's great!

Next you need wedding stationery because without wedding invites no one will be there to share your special day. This set comes from Made with love stationery Boutique and includes invites, thank you cards, RSVP's and place cards. Match up your stationery to your wedding theme and colour scheme.

Now Weddings are a great excuse for getting all dressed up and Hannahs Tutus offers these lovely fluffy floral bridesmaid dresses for your little princesses to wear. This shop will make the dresses to size and offers a large range of colours, so you are sure to find something to match your colour scheme.

Sara Gadd Millinery made these stunning lilies hair pins. They are a great alternative to wearing the traditional wedding hat. So if your mother or sister is not a hat lover they can still have something special to go with their outfit as Sara makes these in many colours.

Every wedding needs a beautiful keep sake and SJEngraving offers a perfect one. Smooth and cool to the touch, well rounded and very tactile, these engraved oathing stones can be blessed at the ceremony and hold that blessing for the years ahead. They are like a solid reminder of the promises made and the love shared. I think they are gorgeous.

Weddings can be exciting and yet stressful times, because planning for it and making the most special day of your life into a perfect event can fray the nerves a bit, but never fear, there are many people out there that are itching to help you make that day into your perfect fantasy. Going down the handmade route for your Wedding means you can get things made the way you want them.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. i wish i had seen thise before i got married (ages ago, lol!) - beautiful! and i've tagged you, lynne :-)
    you can find out more about it here:
    I just adore those monagrammed rocks...


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