7 Feb 2009

You follow us, we find great goods!

<---------- On the left hand side of this page you can see over 100 people that follow this magazine blog. Many of those followers are wonderfully talented artisans. Click on some of the links to their blogs to see just how talented they are. There is a huge wealth of loving handmade goods to be found in those links. Today I've picked a few to feature and will be featuring many more in the weeks to come. Over on Folksy you can find this cuddly kitty from Covetables. This ladies shop is full of beautiful forever toys. There is nothing plastic or disposable about any of them. Give them to your children and they, in time, will give them to theirs.

UglyBaby, not only makes shower art, she makes shower art that gives great advice. This one sagely reminds us not to let others ruin our day. Another reminds us not to marry ninjas. You may say that is ninjaist, but I believe it to be very wise advice. Who needs a karate shop to the neck when you accidentally bleach a ninjas mask when doing the washing?

Goddessjoy has a shop on Artfire that is full of jewellery that has a very tribal feel to it. I love the eclectic feel of the pieces. I picked this one to show you because of the bells and the perfectly appealingly random mixed of bead sizes, shapes and colours. Gorgeous!

Do you need soap? Want something made with individual love and care? Well Ayelet has just the items for you. This rainbow stack of soaps are all handmade and you can choose from eleven different formula/scents. Transform the mundane everyday task of washing into something way more special.

In Ferragamo Studio you will find a mixture of goods from this pretty and useful cactus pincushion through to painted gourds. She is well known for her Art dolls, but there are many other skills in this ladies repertoire. A quick look through her studio will show you that.

I hope these items have wetted your appetite to let your cursor wonder over to that list of blog followers and see what other talented people have the good sense to follow our magazine.


Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous selection. As a sewer, my fave has to be that pincushion. It would look fantastic stuck with pins and needles.

    Thanks Lynne, for your dedication in bringing handcrafts to our attention each week.


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