23 Feb 2009

Thank you sponsors!

We like to thank the people that sponsor us with ads placed in our Project Wonderful advert boxes by featuring some of their goods every now and then. Without the sponsors we probably couldn't keep this blog going, so thank you all very much. Today I have flicked through the people that have bid on our advertising space and have picked out 5 peoples work to share with you.

Isabel's Rose created this beautiful glass acorn pendant. I like the contrast of the shine of the acorn cup compared to the mat finish of the nut. It's lovely earthy tones also appeal to me. This lady also makes and sells glass hearts, bones, cupcakes and much more.

Can I interest anyone in a cup of hand bended tea? Liberteas is the creator of this Chocolate rose romance flavoured black tea. It sounds yummy to me. I drink a lot of tea and love flavoured tea. Mango flower is probably my favourate, or maybe Jasmine, but Liberteas has got me hankering for other flavours now!

Is your bathroom in need of a bit of a lift? Why not try some Swiss Alps soap from Soap Rehabilitation. It looks so beautiful and the scents listed sound to me like a great mix to wake you up with a smile first thing in the morning.

Regular readers will know I'm a bit of a lover of all things pirate. Cuftlynx created these pearly disc cuff links with skull and crossbones engraved on them. I think they would look fabulous in the cuffs of a swashbucklingly flouncy shirt. Yay pirate goodies!

I adore the pretty colours of this mug from Twisted River Clay. The big handle will insure it is easy to hold. I can imagine me sitting by the fire on a cold winters night cradling this cup full of hot chocolate in my hands and sipping the rich warm chocolatey beverage. Toasty warm!

So as you can see from my choices today, those ads top right can lead you to shops that are filled with stunningly beautiful handmade goods. Click through and see if you can't find yourself the perfect birthday gift for a friend or a gift for yourself to lift your day.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Really love that acorn and the soaps look heavenly.

  2. Thank you for choosing to feature me on your blog, and for the kind words about my tea. I appreciate it. And I adore that acorn!



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