16 Feb 2009

No more plastic bags.

Every time I go off out into the countryside somewhere along the way we find the remains of a plastic bag. This little island that I live on is getting so over populated that very few parts of it can be considered wilderness and human beings seem to be incapable of keeping their rubbish to themselves. My solution is to get everyone to give up using plastic bags and plastic packaging that is not biodegradable. The sooner we do this the better in my opinion, so I'm going to offer up some alternatives to use.

There is no excuse for using a plastic carrier bag when you can take your shopping home in a set of these zebra totes from Rainbow Swirlz. True to their shop name Mendy and James make these stylish tote bags in a rainbow of colours, so you are sure to find one that you like.

Ones and Zeros Fashions make these groovy Lunch Monsters™ to store your packed lunch in. They are great! Insulated to keep your food cool and fresh and you can use them over and over again. You'll be the envy of all your friends. Easy to clean and eco friendly. I think they are fantastic!

What a perfect gift to help someone to stop using all that plastic. Initial this bag do exactly what their shop name suggests. They personalised tote shopping bags with an initial. Show your love for a friend or family member and the planet by giving them a gift set of 3. You could even fill them with goodies before you wrap them.

Proletariat Bags has a great range of bags that even the most stylish shopper will be proud to be seen carrying. This one in is in a green canvas with a screen print of a gas mask on the front. Others have bio-hazard symbols, legs, spiders, dragonflies... a whole host of symbols. Check them out. I know of a couple of teenages that would love one of these bags.

Pouch bags are wonderful! I am an owner of one and I take it everywhere with me. It is used nearly every day to carry my knitting/crochet around with me and when I shop it is the first bag I grab to take with me. They are made from strong re-purposed and vintage fabric. I'm loving mine.

So there is no excuse for using plastic bags any more. Proudly walk up to the check out in any shop and say "Oh no it's ok, I don't need a bag thank you. I have one of my own." Just think how good it will feel each morning putting a non disposable lunch bag into your child's school bag, knowing that your child won't be adding to the mountain of plastic that goes into the litter bins every day. We cannot go on using and throwing away do much non biodegradable plastic. It will take thousands, if not millions of years for the ones already in landfill sites to disappear. Lets stop adding to that pile now. Get some reusable biodegradable fabric bags and use them!

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew


  1. Wonderful bags!! I really like that Inital it!

  2. Here Here! We don't use plastic anymore and agree they should be outlawed. And you chose such lovely alternative options.

    Here's another for you. Reusable, biodegradable produce bags.


  3. Great post! I have so many bags already & keep buying more. I use them to carry everything including lunches, shopping trip purchases, and crafting.

  4. For Christmas my Mom made me 2 wonderful bags, I love not using plastic now!

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