2 Feb 2009

Monthly Challenge

I'm thinking about starting up a monthly challenge on Autonomous Artisans. It would involve us picking a topic for the month and all you talented people can make something in the theme of that topic and upload a photo of it on out Flickr group. I think if I design a kudos picture that viewers can award the photos they like best in the comments section under the photo we can easily add up all the awards each item gets. At the end of the month the items posted on Flickr that get the most kudos awards from other viewers would be featured over here on the blog. This would be open to all readers here and group members on Flickr to enter.

We are hoping that this will inspire people to try new crafts or take an existing craft they already do in a different direction. Every item would have to be handmade/created by person submitting it and would need to be titled with "Autonomous Artisan challenge (insert month here)".

Would any of you be interested in doing this?

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I would be interested. It sounds like a whole lot of fun. ^.^


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