18 Feb 2009


Here’s another set animal themed items for you. This time it’s giraffe. They just happen to be my favourite animals. I love how they’re so tall and elegant but can also be amazingly silly looking things, with blue tongues. As you may have realised, giraffes also feature in my shop name. Unfortunately I’m yet to make any giraffe themed items – so a wasted advertising opportunity there! Luckily there are plenty of much more talented people who have produced some yummy giraffe items for me to look at.

The first of said talent people is Nell Smith. This shop contains a large variety of hand screen printed items, ranging from baby wear to purses and scarves. The designs are clean cute and bright, producing some very desirable items. My favourite, of course, is this cotton baby t-shirt featuring two incredibly sweet giraffes.

Now, some amazingly elegant giraffes in the Serengeti sunset, from tracychong. This pop up card is beautifully designed and crafted, making it a perfect greetings card for everyone, including people like me who are slightly obsessed with giraffes! I love pop up cards and books and are amazed by anyone who can make them this well! Maybe that’s a theme for another week….

Another children’s item again - I just can’t seem to help it! Two sets of friends are expecting babies this week and I’m all excited! I can’t wait for an excuse to start buying clothes, toys and general mini sized things. Anyway, I really loving this giraffe and the whole range of old fashioned wooden toys made by oppsthatsart. I’m so glad that people still make things like this. They are so simple but so much fun! This shop also contains a hippo, camel, elephant, dinosaur, duck, pig, train, helicopter and a car - all wooden, all with wheels on!

This gorgeous T-shirt by Rainbow Swirlz on Etsy. Bold, colourful, fun and very cool – I love this top. It comes in a variety of different colours and sizes. Perfect for the weekend happiness!

To finish with, a personalised giraffe, in note card form, from perideau designs'. This set of 6 digitally printed giraffe note cards are extremely cute and great fun. This is just one set of a lovely range of personalized cards and accessories for adults and children.

So, that’s all the lovely giraffe items I found this week. Just thought I’d mention that my boyfriend wanted me to title this post Giraffic Park. I didn’t find it quite as funny as he did, but I don’t think he’d forgive me if I didn’t get that in there somewhere. Hope it makes someone giggle somewhere!

I must return to the sewing machine now. I’ve had a small panic this week about my first craft fair, which is the first week of April, Handm@de Cambridge. I’m finding the organization quite hard – whether I have enough stock, what my stall should look like, how much I could charge etc. Maybe someone would like to write a piece about this for Autonomous Artisans to help me out?!

Written by Rose of FeltGiraffe


  1. I like your banner!! (Saw you on the etsy forums). The giraffe t-shirt is too cute!!

  2. I HAVE A GIRAFFE FETISH!!!! I can't believe I found a whole giraffe entry!! I already found the t-shirt elsewhere in my electronic travels so I'm glad it's popular!


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