28 Feb 2009

Knickers to you all!

Today I'm off to a Juggling convention in Bath to see lots of friends and have some fun with balls and hoops. To keep you entertained whilst I'm away I'm sharing some knickers with you, for life is no fun without pretty panties and I have 5 mighty pretty pairs of undies to show you today.

Joanna Ketterer of Luva Huva designed and created these purple lovelies in super soft, environmentally friendly bamboo fabric. Joanna is based in London in the UK. You can buy her goods on-line and in boutiques in the UK, USA and Luxembourg.

Knickerocker's skull and crossbone panties are are just fabulous. I think I will have to buy Captain Skulduggery Dug a pair of these. Knickerocker's also have some wonder womanesque knickers I have my eye on.

BitchCraft printed this pretty steampunk heart boy shorts knickers. I love that they have a key printed on the front and a keyhole at the back. Very saucy! They are a great shape for showing off a curvy bottom.

Another pair of boy shorts are these gorgeous batik dragonfly ones from Potomac River Goods. This ladies shop is full of fabulous hand dye goodies. I'd love to have a talent like this. Batik items always appeal to me.

Recession panties made me chuckle. They are covered in silkscreen printed hand tools. Do you have a hammer or screw in your knickers? Hehehe... a fun design. I adore them!

Maybe it's time to have a spring clean of the underwear draw. Treat your bum! Get rid of all those undies that have turned a funny colour in the washing machine, or the ones with holes in and get yourself a whole new set of lovingly handcrafted knickers. I hope you enjoyed my choices and that you are having a great weekend so far. I'm away to wiggle in a hoop.


  1. I love juggling! I've YouTubed a ton of things.

  2. OOh I love the knickers! I hope you had fun at the juggling covention ;)


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