25 Feb 2009

Button up!

Are you, like me, a button collector/hoarder? I know it’s a bit sad but buttons makes me really happy. Not only is there an endless amount of different shapes, sizes and styles but it’s also the ultimate recycling. Most of my button collection has been donated to me from a friend’s mum. After hearing that I had started making and selling purses and brooches, she sent me her button collection to me in the post- it’s amazing! In return I sent a purse, with a button design made using a few from the collection. Next thing I know another button collection arrived, from someone I’d never met – but had heard that I was collecting buttons!

Anyway, enough about me, let’s see some handmade items…

These gorgeous blue button earrings are made by Bethany Allen. Her shop also contains a matching bracelet and necklace. There’s even a special, discount price if you buy them altogether. They are simply perfect for a posh evening out or a wedding.

This amazing dial phone design iphone case from hiné, is made using thick felt and buttons. It even has a little pocket at the back for your headphones. This shop also contains an equally delightful ‘camera camera case’ - it’s definitely worth a look! Check out her Flickr account too.

I love Dorset buttons – here are some lovely handmade buttons from bigbluebed, linked together to make a cute bracelet. This type of button was handmade in Dorset, surprisingly, until the industrial revolution, which brought with it a button making machine.

An incredibly cute card with buttons on from bybelinda. It’s such a lovely item, so simple but really stylish. This really pulled on my heart strings!

Lastly we have this ace orange and blue bracelet from milomade. It is packed full of vintage buttons and beads. Milomade has used vintage buttons in a variety of ways to produce a gorgeous selection of bracelets, brooches and phone charms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little button selection today. I better get back to sewing my own buttons (on brooches). I’m trying to finish of a few promotional items today, and an apron for a small child. Maybe I’ll sew some buttons onto the apron too. Why not!

Written by Rose of felt Giraffe


  1. This is a lovely feature. Thank you for including my bracelet. And it is lovely to see all the other button pieces.

  2. Wow these are all fantastic...Ill be back to look more..Robin...gotta go for now..!!

  3. Ah yes, buttons are a joy. Have an entire vintage metal storage cabinet filled with buttons. Use the buttons as buttons, beads, and even for stress relief - it is so soothing just to look at, to let them fall through one's fingers, to sort them into types, etc.

    And had made buttons, new or vintage, these are the cream of the crop. BigBlueBed makes lots of neat one.

    Also, really enjoyed the Phone cozy - have not seen anything like it before, what a grand idea.

    Thanks for a fun read.

  4. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone but I have drawers full of buttons of all kinds...LOL I love the buttons by BigBlueBed!

  5. Yay! thank you for featuring me! and i also LOVE collecting buttons! my favorite is when i purchase a new garment, and a spare button that comes in a tiny bag! it's like a bonus! haha..

  6. Wow - thanks for the mention - I love the phone case and the camera case by hiné - they are so so so so sweet!

  7. Very nice work. I have a story I wrote called "Buttons" and maybe I will post it tomorrow, as you have totally inspired me.

  8. No, no, there is nothing sad about loving buttons! I need a new jar after filling 5 preserving jars and one large cookie jar. The featured items are all adorable and give me some great ideas for...one day.

  9. OOO thank you for the feature! I love love love buttons! :)

  10. Those are great!

    I have a HUGE vintage button collection, but so far I'm not ready to give any of them up!


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