3 Feb 2009

All about the writer, Michelle of MKC Photography

My thanks to Lynne for asking her contributors to write a bit about themselves – of course, I’ve no end of things to say until it comes to writing about me! I’m honored to be a part of this blog: as a photographer and writer, it lets me combine two things I love. So, a bit about me: I think I was born writing stories, many of which have actually ended up in print (and many, many more have not! Does anyone know a good literary agent??). I also have a master’s degree in Women’s Studies (which was a good way to weed out potential suitors…did they run the other way when they heard what I was studying? Cross ‘em off the list!). I’ve lived in several countries, travelled to countless more, and have always done so with camera in hand (or in boat, as many of my shots have been captured mid-river while my team mates kept the shell balanced).

My life is a little less glamorous these days as I’m changing diapers and walking dogs and trying all the while to continue writing and working on my photography. I started my Etsy shop this past fall because I’d had a run of good luck in 2008 – many of my pieces were chosen for various exhibits in Philadelphia, where I now live. At the encouragement of my husband (“honey, what are you going to do with all this?”), I decided to balance the “art fairy” with the “business fairy” and offer my artwork for sale.

While I’m not paying my mortgage via Etsy any time soon, I have been incredibly lucky and honored that folks have bought my work to hang in their homes: I think, as an artist, it is the highest compliment. I’ve also started creating custom work for people who wish to commission a certain piece, and I’ve found this to be such a joy. I love to write about the stories behind my photographs, and I try to post something new every week on my blog. Being a stay-at-home mom can feel incredibly isolating at times, so being able to connect and work with people all over the globe has been fantastic (and I do it all in my fuzzy bunny slippers…). The best news? I just found out that a gallery in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia) is going to carry my more whimsical, child/nursery friendly prints and greeting cards, so maybe I will have to change out of those bunny slippers soon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll keep coming back to learn more from Lynne and the rest of the crew here at Autonomous Artisans!

Written by Michelle of MKCPhotography


  1. wow, the LOVE piece is fantastic!!

  2. Beautiful work and a really nicely written piece. Love the birds.

  3. Hey,the fuzzy bunny slippers aren't so bad. Wish I could be in mine all day...beats snow boots! Great article. :)


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