27 Feb 2009


I've been a ball juggler for many years. I'm in no way an expert,technical or number juggler, but I do love to juggle 3 balls in simple patterns with a bit of flare. It's a great way of taking your mind off your day to day problems and boost your eye hand coordination and left/right brain links. I find it calming and centring. When I used to work in a retail shop you could find me juggling away whenever there were no customers in the shop. It saved me from going mad with boredom. If you have never tried it, I think you should have a go. You might find it enhances your life.

To get started I'd suggest you get yourself some beautiful balls made of fabric, like these from Pumpkinhaus. Fabric balls are less likely to roll away when you drop them (and you will drop them when learning) and if they also look beautiful they will attract your eye and make you want to pick them up to practice more than ugly ones.

These chainmaille balls from My good babushka are probably not the best for learning with but I do love the look of them and can imagine they feel really nice to juggle with. They will sparkle beautifully in the sunshine too.

Nuts about crochet has created a pattern for these cute little chicks, so if you can crochet you can make your own juggling balls, and who could resist picking these up and playing with them everytime you see them. You can also make them any colour you like and having different coloured balls can help when learning different juggling patterns.

What Katie did next was to create these utterly beautiful felt juggling balls. A rainbow of colours to choose from to suit your mood for the day. Today I'd be tempted by the bright orange ones as I'm feeling a bit lacking in zing and they would certainly zest up my day.

Yes I know, they are not juggling balls, but endulge me. Sacred heart fiber art makes another toy I love to play with that also help with spacial awareness and that is poi. These ones are in my favourite colours and made from felted wool... so that's another one of my lifes loves, wool!

I love all things object manipulationy (hmm stick with me even though I'm making up my own words)! I hula hoop, juggle, and spin poi. All these things are very dear to my heart and excite me. They keep me fit, help with my dyslexia and help me stay centred. Give juggling a try. You might find you like it.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew


  1. What a great collection of colorful balls!

  2. LOVE juggling (well, watching it!) and love the Pumpkinhaus colors! I'd just keep those in a bowl for a happy centerpiece!


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