7 Jul 2009

Art Dolls

A couple of days ago I saw the work of a very talented artisans on the front page of Coriandr and it made me instantly want to feature some of her work. So today's selection is from hand crafted art dolls, just so I could put one of this ladies items up on the blog... and here it is.

Just take a look what Jenny Made! Isn't she stunning? From the pretty little ceramic face, torso and arms, to the gorgeous felt dress and cats cradle of this little doll, I'm utterly in love with Jenny's work. The facial expression and the tiny little button details, everything is just perfect!

As a person that has an alter ego that goes by the name of Captain Skulduggery Dug, I have to tell you, this felt Skelly art doll from Paper Moon Gallery just has me grinning from ear to ear. This guy is way to adorable to be scary, even with his oogally boogally eye.

Northfields Primitives has a shop full of beautiful primitive art dolls in the shape of bears, chickens, dogs, bunnies and humans... they are all just as fabulous as Milli (above). Milli has hair like me, wild and un-tame-able!

Moniee's art doll mermaid is a little more fantasy than primitive. The little mermaids glassy silver eyes are haunting and her realistic skin tones make you feel she could move any moment. The more I stare at her the more I expect her to blink at any moment.

I could have featured this art doll brooch, Simplicity, yesterday as she carries with her a rain cloud. Holli, who made Simplicity, says she is a nod in the direction of the dolls Matryoskas, and I can see what she means. She has that shape, but she most definitely has a very different feel to her than the Matryoskas do. She is stunning.

I used to hate traditional plastic dolls when I was a child. They used to freak me out, but these art dolls really appeal to me. I hope you like my selection. There are many other artisans out the making art dolls and it was hard to whittle the selection down to 5. I strongly advise you to have a look around on the handmade sites to see more of them.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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  1. Wow...dear Ladies, i didnt expect there was a review about my mermaid Hsirii...!

    Thank you so much! It makes me feel so happy that you like my wokr..thank you so much again :)



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