23 Jul 2009

Wedding Celebrations

To celebrate the wedding of Jon's mum and Tony, her lovely Dutch partner this weekend and Mithi and Drew fabulous wedding last weekend, I thought I'd pick out a few hand crafted goods made as weddings in mind.

To start off with traditional weddings need rings. Mithi and Drew made their own rings with the help of Anna Lovell, which gave them that extra special meaning, but if you don't feel so crafty Laurie Sarah has a gorgeous selection of handmade rings.

I have never seen anything like this amazing head piece from Hatastic. This half cut nautilus shell has been reclaimed and used to create this show stopper of a head dress. The iridescence of the shell is stunning. Weddings are one time you can really dress up, so why not go all the way and splash out on this one off piece.

If you'd like a more princess look for your wedding outfit this tiara from Celdesign would be perfect. It's sparkly and showy but in a modest stylish way. It could be used in conjunction with a veil if you like or just weaved into your pinned up hair for a more simple look.

Every little girl going to a wedding likes to getting dressed up as a good luck bringing fairy and this dress from Masamuals will allow them to do that. In Ivory and gold it will go with most colour schemes. Maybe by adding some small little wings will make that little girl feel even more special.

Corsages are also a tradition for weddings and as I'm not a big fan of cut flowers I went on a search for an alternative and this organza flower from Tamsyn Amber fulfils the job perfectly. It is so pretty, stylish and simple and it is something that you can keep forever as a reminder of the big day.

If you are getting married soon I'd like to wish you a happy life with your new life partner. If you are going to someones wedding I hope you have lots of fun and enjoy the day as much as Jon and I enjoyed Mithi and Drew's wedding last weekend. It reflected who they are and what is important in their lives perfectly and we were honored to be able to be part of it all. This weekends wedding is going to be a more formal affair and I'm looking forward to seeing Jon's mun and Tony making their vows, as they make a perfect couple.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops

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