22 Jul 2009

I spy with my little eye

Recently I've been noticing a change in my eye sight. I find when I look up from working for a long time I can't get things into focus very quickly. I'm sure it's just an age thing, but it's bugging me so much I think I better go and get my eyes tested by an optician. The thought of having to wear glasses after having 20/20 vision all my life isn't my idea of fun. I'm the only person in my family that has so far not had to wear glasses, but I think soon that time is going to come and knowing the annoyance glasses have become for my sister, because of the various glasses she has to wear for doing different things, I'm not relishing the though.

Not only is it the wearing of them it's the cost of them that puts me off, but then I found this listing from Patty Mara of some vintage glasses and it gave me the idea of buying gorgeous pre-owned glasses frames and just having lenses made to fit.

Fanciful Devices' spectacle necklace got me thinking about nice ways of wearing glasses for close up work around my neck so I wouldn't keep putting them down and losing them. The only thing is I don't want them to make me look like a maiden aunt.

JYates mirror stickers reminded me that glasses don't have to be all about getting better vision. They can be about fun and style too. I love the idea of being able to try out a load of frame shapes, to find out which suit you, in one go by sticking them all to a mirror.

I'm also thinking, do I really have to stick with traditional styles of frames. EDM Designs has given me a bit of an idea about having something a bit more exciting and different. Those magnifying lenses could be just what I need for close up work.

The last thing I thought about was, if I have glasses I need a case to keep them safe in when I'm not wearing them. Atelier De Soyun has this pretty hemp textured fabric case, but there are loads of others out there if you want something a bit more off the wall. Maybe I could have various cases to suit my mood of the day.

I guess I better bite the bullet and get down to the opticians and make sure my eyes are ok and check that my problem is nothing more than aging eyes. There are loads of conditions that can be picked up by an optician, so remember to go along and get them to check you out every couple of years. Don't be like me, leaving it until you have a problem.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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