28 Jul 2009

Well slap my thigh and call me Sheila!

So today I had an urge to find myself some new Pirate boots, so that when I am dressed up as Captain Skulduggery Dug I can really look the part. Of course my first stop was the handmade and vintage sites and so far I haven't ventured past those sites because there are just so many boots to peruse that I haven't needed to. Take a look at some of my finds.

James Roland Shop has these amazing multi coloured long 1980's thigh high suede boots. Sadly they are a size too big for me, but maybe if I wear a few pairs of socks with them...? They are just so fabulous and fun.

I used to own a pair of boots this colour and these ones from Goodeye vintage wearables would also be very tempting to buy if only I had bigger feet. I love the slouchy nature of them and I think they would go really well with a pirate costume.

Addicted to Mermaids' pixie felt boots are fabulous, gorgeous, yummy and scrumtastic. If I could get a pair with a sole for outdoors on them I would consider buying these too. They would fit in perfectly with the Pirate Pixie Crew image.

Now these ones are pretty much the archetypal boot most people imagine when you say Pirate boots. Deer Heart Vintage is selling these vintage over the knee suede black boots and are probably the style I will end up purchasing as they will go with almost any costume colour.

Lastly I had to share this cute boots from Florence in a box. I think they are a fantastic design, easy to wear shape and totally handmade. I'm very tempted to go for a purple pair. They would not only look great with costumes but also jeans and big floaty long skirts. I love them!

I'm off to keep on searching for my perfect pair of boots. Have a fantastic day!

Written by Lynne of the Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Great finds...those 80's ones are just surreal!

  2. awesome boot finds.. the last pair of tiny boots are soo cute!


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