17 Jul 2009


Yes I am totally aware that some people will find my post today vile and repulsive, but I don't see rats as evil, revolting or disgusting creatures. To me, they are just another animal that fits into the grand scheme of things, just like eagles and elephants. Without wild rats lots of waste products would hang around for much longer than they do now. Rats are, for their size fairly clever animals and I for one do not want to exterminate them out of existence. I say live and let live.

Fishcakes flag waving rat is obviously with me on this one. Such a smily little face and cute pink paws. Who could dislike him?

Homegrown Gems pretty little zip purse has a rat silhouette on the front in fabric matching the liner. Great colour choices go towards making this very appealing.

The Little Red Hen sees rats as good dancers obviously as in her shop you can see this happy little ballerina rat. From the tiara to the tutu this little rat is very looks the part.

The rat on this ceramic dish from Suramics Pottery looks like he has his nose twitching, on the look out for something yummy to eat. I'm not sure the Tea bags the tray is for will fit the bill.

Just look at the cute face on this little ratty from Vic's original art shop. I think this must be a portrait of a much loved pet. Yes people do have pet rats and yes they love them just as much as I love my cats. Rats actually do make very good pets.

For those rat lovers I found a perfect gift for your ratty friends.

Pamper those pets with all these very cosy hammocks and sleepingbags from Scrivener's Retreat. Your ratty rat will be happy with a good night... or should I say days sleep.

I don't think I'd ever keep rats as pets myself because of their short life span and the heart break losing them would cause me, but I know lots of people that do.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I am also a rat fan. I love the cheeky little grin on the rat badge. Cute.

  2. Thanks for featuring my bedding. It's still available and one of my favorite patterns.


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