16 Jul 2009

Heart warming

As I said earlier on this blog, this year really is chock full of friends and family getting married. this means there are lots of hearts and flowers flying around. A quick search on Coriandr brought me a variety of hearts goods.

Fen and Ned has created this pure genius mini memory aid in the form of a heart charm keyring with tiny notepad attached. You can write things that have happened during the day or things you need to remember to do. This is something I, as a very forgetful person, really needs.

This very simple silver heart ring from Silver 1 is adorable. It can be worn by young or old as a symbol of the love they receive and give out. I know many people that deserve this ring as a present.

Tamsyn Amber's felt covered hand bound, pink paged note pad is so very gorgeous. The first leaf of the note pad is beautifully patterned to make it extra special. I think this would make a great journal to write down those special memories in your life, so you can share them for years to come with your loved ones.

Lauren Ceramics's work is always beautiful and her shop is always worth a visit and when I visited it today I found this pretty ceramic heart shaped magnet. Imagine putting one of these on all the fridge doors of all the people you love with a small message to remind them of that love pinned underneath it. Now imagine the smiles that doing that would bring.

How will you keep ring marks off your favourite wooden table when you and your partner are drinking that mug of hot chocolate when you come in from that long windswept walk on the beach hand in hand? Well Bluefairy has a perfect solution, these pretty red heart fused glass coaster.

Show someone you love them with a heart shaped gift that has been lovingly handmade for you by a talented crafts person. Or make a gift yourself. Handmade goods whether made by you ore an artisan really do say "I love you" more than something from a high street shop.

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