11 Jul 2009

Puppy Love

After witnessing our cat, Weapon X, try to take on 2 boxer dogs that dared to walk past his house (yes I know he needs an ASBO) I thought I'd find some dogs X wouldn't want to leap out at and wave his front paws wildly at whilst hissing and fluffing his fur up to make him look twice as big as he really is... Even twice his real size he was only about 1/10 of the size of one of these dogs. Yes ok, our wee boy isn't all that bright.

Now no one could want to do anything other than cuddle this cute little dog from LeahKL. Rita the retro green vintage Scottie dog is to adorable to fight with. Even X would snuggle up to this puppy.

HA! Now these naughty Dachshunds from Rubenaker would be just up Weapon X's street. If they would be willing to break into the cat food cupboard for him (he hasn't figured out door handles yet) I'm sure he would be willing to be friends with them.

Little Red Designs' bag looks about the right size to get lots of bickietastics in and for X that is more important than the picture of the dog on the front. Maybe we could desensitise him to dogs this way.

This black Scottie dog keyring from littlesparrow would guard your keys from getting stolen! Putting my keys on this might stop X from playing with mine., alternatively it might make him attack them... who knows with our loony kitty.

Finally, and probably the most cute item in today's cavalcade of goods is this inspiring fusion of Chihuahua and tea mug. Jaravee has a pattern for you to follow to make these. My personal favourite part of this pattern is the cheek colour on the teacup. Maybe I should make one of these as a pet dog for Weapon X, after all he X does like sneaking a drink out of my cup.

Crazy as our cat is we can't help but love him to bits. Thankfully our other cat is much more laid back and less inclined to go freaky. I really do need to stop Weapon X trying to take on giant dogs though or else one day he might end up getting munched, and that would never do.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops

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