30 Jul 2009


I've spent all day yawning. I can't seem to shake the sleepy feeling today. Everything I've tried to do today has been a struggle and not gone quite as planned. I even drank a cup of coffee, which is something I very rarely do, but it made no difference. I'm still yawning wide enough for the world to fall in every 5 minutes.

Pink Panzees little sleeping kitty can sleep anywhere, even on the edge of a log. I feel like I could do that today. Every time I sit down I start to doze off.

Bib Bon eye mask would help aid a deep sleep, and as they have super a hero on the front I'm sure all my dreams would be full of adventures and fun.

Alvin the sleepy mouse has found a little leaf to sleep on. Troll Tracks has perfectly captured that tranquil face all animals have when in a deep sleep.

Always Adorable's princess isn't all she seems to be as she doesn't appear to have noticed the pea under her mattress. I wouldn't notice it either hehehe.

Bibelot Forest has created Chester the sleeping fox, who obviously is just as tired as I am today. I hope he is warm enough under his toadstool. Maybe I should find him a blanket.

I have to wake up and cook some dinner now, but I don't guarantee I won't doze off and burn it. Poor Jon might have a charred dinner tonight.

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean I'm struggling these past few days...zzzzzzz
    Ooops , sorry! Gorgeous finds - especially Chester - what a handsome fox xxx


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