21 Jul 2009

Rabbit Dreams

I had a very strange dream last night that involved lots of bright orange rabbit's doing strange dances around other rabbits, that were a rainbow or colours, of in a field full of flowers. The orange rabbits were full of joy and happiness and as they danced their smiles and happiness were passed on through the rest of the rabbits until all of them were grinning ear to ear. As more rabbits smiled more flowers burst open displaying huge vibrant coloured petals and stamen gorged in bright orange and yellow pollen ... I have no idea what it means but it was very pretty.

Tobyboo bunny may not be dancing, but this mint coloured bunny has a very special use. It is a tooth bunny. It keeps any tooth, that has fallen out, safe until the tooth fairy can come and pick it up. It has a pocket inside that is lined in spotty fabric to make sure that tooth stays safe.

This tea cosy from Rosy Tint is just so cute. The flowers, grass, toadstool and bunnies are just so much fun. It can keep your tea warm and give you a giggle first thing in the morning. I love the way the bunnies are burrowing into the grass.

I don't often use photos with water marks on this blog but this plumber bunny from Amigurumi just made me laugh out loud. The thought of a rabbit with a drain plunger turning up when you call the plumber around to unblock the sink just tickled my funny bone.

Sola Sola created this beautiful felt bunny called Fedor and once she had she found out that Fedor liked to be out in the coldest Russian winter. To be kind to his feet Sola Sola made him some boots to wear to keep his toes warm. They'd be a bit hard to dance in though, being as they are, so big.

MouMou rabbit has some flowers in it's ears and seems to be red in the face, so maybe it has been dancing so fast it got a bit flushed and caught up some of the flowers in his giant ears. I think he needs a drink of water and a small cuddle to revive him.

Strange dreams are always coming to me and most of them don't really seem to make all that much sense or have any meaning to them, but I'm glad I have them. It makes sleeping so much more interesting!

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops

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  1. What fun...did you wake-up hungry for carrot cake? - CT


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