2 Jul 2009

Colourful Delights!

As you can see by visiting my Hyperloop Hoops site and Artfire or Coriandr shops I'm a lover of colours. Bright, bold colours delight me and soft pastel colours calm me, so I love them all. I've had a quick look through my favourite list on Etsy this morning to pick out some colourful items to share with you.

I picked this pretty turquoise beaded wire wrapped pendant from StarPixie as the first item because not only do I love the bright colour of the beads but the squiggly shape really appealed to me a lot. Now I just have to convince Beth to make me one in silver and purple and Ill be as happy as a pig in muck!

Many of you will already know I'm a fibre freak and love hand spun & hand dyed yarn and this gorgeous yarn from hobbledehoy has me yearning to crochet. The natural tones of brown and tan are set off beautifully with the soft pinks and bright cerulean blue. I love it!

ChopstixWaits makes so many beautiful goods, it's hard to pick out just one item to show you. Her clothes are so beautiful as are her handspun yarns and crochet goods. The reason I picked this apron skirt to share is the pixie nature and purple colouring, both things close to my heart. The silk batik materials used are scrummy!

Oh how I love the teapots and cups of natalyasots. I love their Burtonesque style and quirky colours. Every cup of tea poured from this pot would taste extra special just because of the joy the eye this tea service gives. The hours and hours of work that must go into each piece are so worth the results.

Now this yarn from Sharing is just a riot of colour. Doesn't it lift your spirits just to see it? It made me just gasp with delight when I saw it. Whether it be knitted up into socks or crochet into a halterneck sun top matters not, because whatever is created with it the owner is going to be utterly delighted. It's just plain happiness represented in yarn.

So off you go dear reader and find yourself some colourful handmade goods to buy to brighten up your life. Let the colours fill your heart with joy.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Seeing these colours makes me want to spin!

    Adore that tea service, so quirky :D

  2. Oh wow! I just checked out Chopstix on Etsy and I love her stuff - also, it looks like she's from where I grew up! Lots of beautiful things on your blog. I'm a fiber freak, too. Thanks for sharing!


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