29 Jul 2009

Twitter friends

Twitter is a strange world of people sharing, laughing, commiserating, and rejoicing what is going on in their lives. I've been on it for a while under the name CapnSkulduggery. A lot of the people I follow and that follow me back are fellow artisans that chat about what they are making and what they have sold etc, so I get to see lots of amazing handmade goods. I thought you might like to see a few of them.

Kitty Ballistic's fun felt fortune cookies are a great present to give a friend. I'm sure if you ask Helen, she will customise the message in the cookie for you. That way it can be a very personal fortune for your friend.

Tomato Tea has had a shop on Coriandr for quite a while, but has only just got her first sale there. I was surprised it took so long as her goods are beautiful. When I have some cash I will most definitely be purchasing some of her hand spun yarn.

Yay for pirate sock kitties from The Other Mousie. This lady is great to follow on Twitter, because she is always up beat, happy and fun to chat to and I love seeing all her new goods as she tells us about listing them in her shop.

Snapdragon Beads is a most talented bead artist. Her jewellery is so stylish and her colour choices are always fabulous. As well as her Etsy shop she has a shop on Coriandr, both are full of fantastic items.

The ever so lovely Swirlyarts is not only a very talented lady, but she is kind and generous with her time and the help she gives to other artisans. As the editor and writer of Cuteable she supports the handmade movement by highlighting the best of the best that you can find for sale online. A more dedicated champion of recycling and handmade goods you won't find.

If you love handmade goods and want to find all the latest listings being put up online you won't go far wrong in logging onto twitter and then do a search for "#handmade". You should bring up lots of posts containing links to new listings.


  1. Ooooooh yeay! Thanks for featuring me!!

  2. Wow thank you so much for featuring me - I'm proud & honoured to be following & followed by you. You are talented, honest & a true fighter of the artisan cause! xx

  3. Twitter is amazing. Actually, so is the Coriandr Express. I have made so many new friends and met some very talented people because of it and with twitter its been so easy to keep track of all of you - so thank you Lynne for everything you've done for us! This blog post included :D

  4. Well done to all artists featured. I've only just found this blog but I will be adding it to my favourites now!!

  5. Great selection of items, and thank you for featuring me!


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