13 Jul 2009


So many people I know are getting married soon. It's like there has been an out break of nesting disease hehehe. I'm glad to see that romance and love isn't dead, but I have to admit that it baffles me a little. Marriage is something I've never hankered after. If I have love and trust in someone that's enough for me. I don't need to pledge that love for them in front of other people and I equally don't need my partner to do make that pledge either, because if he has told me he want to be with me forever then that's enough for me. That's not so say I'm against marriage, I'm not. If people want to celebrate their joy of being in love and make a public commitment, announcing they have found their life partner then I'm very happy to go along and wish them well and celebrate their happiness. I just don't feel the need to do that myself.

Everyone that's nesting needs a warm safe place to be. This woolly nest from Cozy Cabin Creations would be prefect to keep all your little important items safe in.

Tzaddi Shop's decoupage stacking hand blown glass plates are gorgeous. They would look fabulous on a dining room table as the centre piece for a dinner party.

Reeneegurumi's pattern for cute little nest sitting birds is great... and there is a space inside them to hide a special surprise for the one you love. Get creative and make some.

Now you can take your nesting spirit everywhere with you with Sweet Treat's beautiful earrings. Wearing your nesting feelings on your sleeve... or should I say ears hehehe.

KotiBeth's photo of a nest ready for occupancy shows how much weaving and work relationships take to thrive. Marriage is not just about that one day of joy and celebration. It's about loving, caring and working with that partner to build a fantastic life together.

The couples I know that are getting married this year are so suited to their partners that I am certain that through good and bad times they will be there for each other and I couldn't imagine one without the other in any of the cases, so to me the act of getting married in each case is just a formality they have chosen to do, as I believe that with or without those promises made and contracts signed they will be with each other 'til their dying days. The fact they have invited me along to witness them making those vows and sign those contracts makes me very happy. All I wish for them all is that their path together is long and it has few boggy or rocky patches for them to get over.


  1. Awww what a lovely post. We ran away to Gretna green to get married & our reception was a cheese & pickle sandwich from motorway services! Nearly 15 years later & we couldn't be happier. You are so right - you have to do what is right for you as a couple -whatever makes you happy! x

  2. Those earrings are beautiful! I can't believe that Matt and I have been married for 10 years in August!!


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