31 Jul 2009

Loving our sponsors

Once again I would like to show our sponsors a bit of love for paying to put their Project Wonderful adverts on our blog. I picked out some pretty coloured goods today as it is so grey a day here I needed a bit of a spectrum injection.

Starpixie's work is always stunningly beautiful and she has yet to find a craft she doesn't excel at. Her choice of fabrics is always sublime and the care and love she puts into her work shines out. This hair clip flower will brighten up every ones day when you wear it.

I'm so glad Teal Stripes advertised on this blog because finding this shop was like a breath of fresh air. There is a great mixture of goods and artworks in the shop and I love the fun slant on many of the pieces. Jellyfish forever!

Ravena Relics recycled and salvaged materials are used to make gorgeous items like this flower corsage brooch. Anyone that takes unused/pre-used materials and creates such beauty is fantastic in my eyes. May your shop flourish!

Lina Fire is a site full of lamp work beads and glass jewellery. The colours and shapes are fun, vibrant and eye catching. It's great to see such passion in peoples work. The new products page on this website is a joy to behold. Check it out!

Big Blue Bed makes so many cute items to sell in her shop. This little flower brooch with it's polka dot button center is great. I was introduced to Dorset buttons in this shop, which I'd never seen before. Take a look at the variety.

All you lovely people that sponsor our blog with your Adverts I'd like to thank you. I hope that our readers click through to your shops as often as I do, because I've found so many beautiful goods in your shops. Thank you!

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