9 Jul 2009

Mini works of art

Works of art come in many shapes and sizes, but I am fascinated by the tiny ones. Giant wall filling artworks certainly are imposing and make a huge statement, but tiny, mini little artworks fill me with more delight than most of the grandiose ones that can sometimes be a bit over powering. Below are 5 little pieces that fill me heart with joy.

Tiny Pretty Things is a shop full of tiny beautiful artworks. Molly's work has a huge sense of fun and joy. This pink elephant with miniature wings just makes me giggle, as there is no way those wings will get this rolypoly giant up into the sky.

Rollo the bear from Little Scruffs is as much a work of art as any oil painting or stone sculpture. From the materials chosen to make him to the carefully chosen stuffing and the added black stitching to add to the look of age this bear is a miniature work of art.

Picciolo's work always wows me. The colour choices always work so well together and the fabrics are used just like paint and I always feel the pieces made deserve to be hung on the wall or stood on a plinth. This print is one in a series of prints of original sewn work by the lady called "leaf".

Unique Items 4 U little picture of robots was sure to catch my eye. I'm an utter robot lover. This mini picture is charming. I hope the lady robot shows him lots of love and accepts and cares for his heart.

Pippin Designs is another artist working in fabric and thread. Many may as that this isn't art, but I just see it as painting or sculpting in fabric. It takes just as much skill to make art pieces like these as it takes to paint or sculpt in more traditional media.

Yay, for mini art. Not only is it beautiful, but because of it's size you can fit more of it into your home! I'm planning on dedicating a whole wall in my hallway to mini art when we build our new house and I will have wall to wall, ceiling to floor works of art.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops

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  1. great finds, as always :) I love Rollo the bear, too cute!


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