23 Apr 2008

And in the beginning...

Everyone has to start somewhere and often when starting out in business it's really hard to get your footing so I thought I'd give a few new comers to Etsy a bit of publicity on my blog. The first month after opening your shop on Etsy is often the hardest. You fret about your photos, descriptions, prices and products. You wonder how often to list and re-list and you worry that no one likes what you make. When that first sale comes in it makes your heart leap and from then on each new sale makes you feel wonderful. I just want to help a few people get one of those moments of delight when the email box delivers you the fabulous news that you've has a sale.

Have you ever felt being a bit more glam when you are doing the housework? DivineAprons has just the package for you if you have. Gloves, apron and utensil flower bouquet will allow you to clean up in style.

In contrast SmileMoon makes gorgeous wooden goods. From 3D puzzles to stunning picture frames, pen holders and custom made wooden mail box name toppers. If you like wooden goods this is your man to visit.

SoClaudia makes beautiful lampwork pendants to sell. She has a whole range of designs and colours in her shop, so check them out. I picked this one to show you because I liked the simple curved round shape of the bead and the flowers remind me of my grandma, who had a love of daisies.

Yesterday, whilst watching Jon clear up the garden I pulled up a few dandelions. None of them as yet had the seed heads like this one. Isn't this a stunning picture? Hiedi Herrera has other stunningly gorgeous photos in her shop. Well worth a visit. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

Naturallygoddess maked these yummy looking bars. They are actually soap, but they look good enough to eat. She uses the cold press method of making soaps and uses lots of natural products like oats and honey in them.

This pretty pendant picture is drawn on the back of a domino. This is one of a collection called "down under trees" by WeDesigns. She also makes pretty woven bead pendants too.

I belong to 2 pretty black and white kitties... (yes that's right readers, cats really own you, not the other way around)... so I couldn't pass by TwentyPoundTaddy without taking a little peek inside her shop. I'm glad I did. It is full of bright colourful gorgeous items like this purple and blue cat ornament.

I know a lot of you readers have your own Etsy shops and you know just how hard it is when you start out, so please take a look around their shops and show them your support. I was pleasantly pleased to see the high standard of goods that I saw in these new sellers shops. I believe handmade usually means made with love and care and these sellers prove that theory. Great job all of you. I wish you luck for the future and may you all have many sales!


  1. Beautiful collection. I want those wooden blocks so I can figure out how to take them apart.

  2. Oooh! I love me some matching gloves and apron! Brings out the 50's housewife in me :)

  3. Thanks sooo much the comments on my soap were beautifull!!! Ill Will be makeing more this weekend to add to the yummy choices. :)


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