17 Apr 2008

Spider Challenge update

So today I awake to find this beautiful spider in my Etsy inbox. Yay for fuzzy, sparkly spiders.

This lovely little spider was made by Glamasaurus. I'm loving the geeky overtones! I'll be showing this to Jon when he gets home. I'm sure he will swoon!


  1. hi, I can't say I'm the worlds biggest fan of spiders, but this one from diva and incy wincy below are great!
    : )

  2. That would have to be one of the most adorable little spiders I've ever seen! I'd be very comfortable with that sweet & not-scary-at-all looking spider residing in my house :)

    What a clever Diva! Loved her recent robot creation also!

  3. I wish all spiders were as cute as this one!

  4. Your spiders are all so glamorous. I'll be plotting today about spiders as I'm travelling to my appointment.


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