2 Apr 2008

My top ten favourite made-up words.

10. "Squedookle", "Ruhtut", "Hunangha" - These three are taken from the ever-so-briliant Sci-fi series, Red Dwarf. It is series 7, episode 4 - "Duct Soup" I believe (yes, I have watched that much Red Dwarf!).

9. "Mittens" as used as a verb, as in "I mittens you" - This is something that my girlfriend though of originally, and I say it when I remind her just how much I love her. I think her thought process went something like this - "I love you" - "I glove you"- "I mittens you".

8. "Fnord" - 'nuff said really...

7. "Bogtrollops and Blargnations" - This is another one of the girlfriend's creations - it is used as a swear word, or a word to show annoyance. Used as in: "Oh bogtrollops and blargnations, I've just hit my thumb with a hammer!"

6. "flippity floppity floo" - As used from South park. Look up the meaning on the Urban Dictionary.

5. "Bicki-tastics" -This is what our cats eat. I dont know when we started using this word, but it is from "Biscuits" and "Fantastic".

4. "Scrum-bum" - From "scrumptious", or"scrummy", and "bum" - This is what my girlfriend calls me! It can be used as in: "I am a scrumbum" or "I have a scrumbum". Either way works!

3. "Oujamaflip" or "what-not" or "thingie-me-doo-dah" - Its a word you use when you cant remember the word that you want to use. As in: "Have you see my umm.. erm.. err.. thingie-me-doo-dah?"

2: "Spamhead" - Not only is this the name of my main pet in World of Warcraft (yes, I play :o) ), but this is also a not so rude word for someone who is acting foolishly, or not thinking properly. Used as in - "What did you do that for you Spamhead?!"

1: "Fneur" - Pronounced "f-nur" - I use this word, mainly when I have nothing else to say, just so I can continue to hear my own beautiful voice. It originally came from this clip of "Time Trumpet" (well, it did in my head anyway) that was a program shown over here in the UK about a year ago now. It is still one of my favourite all-time funny clips, however a knowledge of the program they are spoofing (a program called University Challenge) does add to the funniness. Enjoy!

So in fnord you spamheaded scrumbum, we hope you have thingie-me-doo-dahed todays blog, as much as we have mittensed writing it. Oh bogtrollops, we appear to have run out of bickitastics for the rhtutting cats. I will have to leave the flippity-floppity-floo and get more. Fneur.


  1. Ha! Thanks for the morning laugh

  2. Hah - ujamaflip. I haven't used that for ages but I'm now going to use it where ever possible and confuse my children!


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