15 Apr 2008



After falling in love with a pair of goggles from Atome Fabrik (above) I thought I'd indulge myself with a little feature on steampunk items. Go take a look at the rest of Atome Fabrik's site. There are loads of styles of goggles. I just happen to love the steampunk ones.

The site is a little hard on the eyes with all the flashing but I solved that on the product pages by only viewing the frame the goods were in. Oh and if I ever lose an eye I'm going to be getting one of these surgically attached to cover up the damage.

This gorgeous image is from Libby Bulloff, who's work you can see in her etsy shop Exoskeleton Cabaret. This talented artist also writes for Steampunk Magazine. She also has a photo of a firefan dancer in her shop, so how could I not feature her work?

As a bat lover I had to include this pendant from COGnitive creations. Jon just looked at this and said "Ooooo it's a pocket watch with wings!" and I guess that's what it is. Very striking... hehehe pun intended.

These bandanna are a custom order made by Ratchet and I adore them. Such a great design and such fabulous colours. Sadly for me because they are a custom order I can't buy them, that's probably happy for my ailing bank account though. If your bank account is healthier than mine Racthet does have others of these for sale.

This one of a kind wristlet has been lovingly created by Tamilyn. Specially aged fabric was used in it's making and the attention to detail is gorgeous. It has just enough room inside for all your essentials, keys, money purse, phone and compact. A perfect little bag to carry around.

Lastly for today as it is "Spider Challenge" week I thought I should include this great item from Stephane Halleux. Shhhhh... yes I know it only has 6 legs so is therefore really not a spider, but it's so gorgeous I'm going to pretend it's a disabled spider that some nasty child has pulled 2 legs off, so if we keep quite about that no one will ever notice.

Have a fabulous day people. The sun is shining here in South Wales, so I'm off to sit on a chair in the garden and watch Jon lug big stones about... hopefully it will get warm enought for him to do it topless.


  1. Wow, what amazing work you've found! I just recently heard of steampunk and I'm so impressed with the work that has been popping up on Etsy. Excellent!

  2. What great work. Now you have to know, I don't really understand steampunk..but appreciated everything.

  3. Great Steampunk finds.

    I like your plan for the day...sounds perfect!

  4. I love the spider and the bat necklace!

  5. Your comment made me giggle. I hope the high lasts long enough to go for lunch with a family member in an hour.

    Oh, and I'm totally slacking on the spider week. I'll get to it, I swear!


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