22 Apr 2008

Smile some more!

So I've not slept too well, and I get up at 6 am, after hours of staring at the ceiling, I make myself a pot of tea and some toast and sign into my blog. Who should be waiting there for me to see?

This gorgeous smiley lion from Rachel of Red Thread Plushies and

This smiley South Park picture of the ever so fabulous Baldylocks

So life's not so bad after all, even though I'm running on 3 1/2 hours sleep, you fabulous online buddies can still get me to raise a smile. Thank you!

Ok so here is me as a South Park pirate. I'm very sleepy now, hence the eyes. I couldn't find the old one I had of me so I made this one. Jon says he will make one later to post. He didn't like the one I made... hehehehe I wonder why? *evil grin*


  1. I'm up late and you're up early. The toast and tea sounds good.

    Now you know you have to post your South Park portraits. Or you could make new ones, I added the link on my blog post.

    I think you should have a cape too.

  2. Sorry, you didn't sleep well..I do think Rachel/South Park portrait are something to smile about..good friends..

  3. What cuties! You have an awesome blog.

  4. Thanks! I love blogging. It gives me a great reason to search out fab items to talk about and I get to meet so many fabulous people, even if it is only virtually.

  5. Ooookay, I'm reading this really late... but I'm glad my lion made your day a teensy bit better!!


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