8 Apr 2008

Weapon X made me do it!

Whilst I was trying to work out what to blog about today one of my cats, Weapon X, came and sat on my lap with his head and front legs sprawled across my wacom tablet , making it very hard to reach the keyboard or surf the net. He only agreed to move if I blogged about cats. So here is mine and Weapon X's blog on kitty cats.

As X is a bit of a naughty little cat that is always showing off, I thought I'd put this beautiful Jester kitty from Candicewestberg first in the blog. I could imagine Weapon X in the jester costume, leaping about and shouting "Look at me! Look at ME!" although I think X would look better in a green and orange costume. Paisley is not really his thing.

This painting looks a bit like X. I did ask him if he had sat for PopArtCafe when she painted this, but he said "Pffft No! I would have eaten the bird and Wendy would have had to paint it with no bird in sight and a feather sticking out of my mouth." Who's he kidding? He is too bouncy to ever catch the bird. It would see him coming from a mile off!

Exnihilo made this unusual Voodoo cat doll. I love it's smiley face and long gangly legs. He looks like he is just waiting for someone to give him a huge hug. X likes the Voodoo Cat's curly whiskers. He has a few himself but I wouldn't be surprised if I catch him in the bathroom with little curlers or mini curling tongs trying to replicate Voodoo cats whisker style.

X chose these magnets from TheSmallCatClub because the second from the left bottom row looks like him and the one top left looks like his girlfriend Rosy, from two houses down the road. The top middle kitty looks like X's arch nemesis Joey, the cat from next door. X hates him as much as Maggie from The Simpsons hates the Mono-brow baby!

I asked X if I would make a good Catwoman and showed him this mask from AlyssaRavenwood. He just did a sniggering laugh... I think that means no then, although he did like the lady in the picture dressed in the gorgeous leather mask. He purred lots for her.

X says I'd look more like this in a Catwoman mask... which is just fine with me because I think AbbyChristine's little finger puppet of Ghost World Enid is gorgeous!

X has now gone back to watching Jackdaws out the window, so I can get on with putting up new pictures for our new collapsible hoops on Hyperloop Hoop. I'm so excited, because now we can send hoops worldwide. The fixed hoops were way too big to ship but these will be shippable, so we can spread the love of the wiggle even further!


  1. Congrats on the collapsible hoops!

    LOVE that cat mask!

  2. Oh you are just as wild as your fabulous kitty, glad he prompted you to post. I'm smiling all over this morning!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, so nice to 'meet' you through our gal Love Squared. Have a art-filled day, Monica :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the spotlight! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  4. I finally have my robot picture. I'm going to post it tomorrow.

  5. I was working on a robot yesterday but it kept going wrong. I think I'll start afresh today. I need an injection of pure energy first though :)


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