19 Apr 2008

Wind power. No, not that sort of wind!

Alternative power for me is the only way to go. When we finally get the funds together to build our own house, we will be making sure whatever we build will be as eco-friendly as we can make it. I'm looking into heating the house with heat exchange mechanisms, such as underground heat exchange and stale air heat recovery. For heating water I'm looking in to solar heating and for electrical power I think wind turbines is probably the way to go. This will all depend on the land we manage to get to build on of course. Today I thought I'd find goods that portray wind power.

FeralGirl's T-Shirt was the first to catch my eye, with it's beautiful modern wind turbine silhouette. I personally love the shape of modern wind turbines.

I know many people see them as a blight on the landscape, but I think they are aesthetically pleasing and a small price to pay when compared to the alternatives. ArtifexShirts made this cosy hoodie.

This Print by Brett Beyer is one of a series of pictures trying to project the way cities could look in the future if alternative powers were to be embraced across the world.

This pretty little pendant from Finestra is not only a way to show support for wind power, with its gorgeous photo of a windmill against a morning sky, but 20% of the sale price will go towards your pick of the charities on the listing. Fabulous!

This screen print from Alyoisius Silk Screened prints is of a less conventional looking windmill, but it's still a windmill none the less, so it gets my vote of approval. I like the hansom fellows in the top hat supporting it. I wonder if I can employ 2 strong men to hold up my wind turbine.

I saw this painting by EarthArt and just had to include it in today's selection. Well it's orange! I love windmills and I have a craving for the colour orange most days, so tis picture is perfect... that is apart from the bird, because birds flapping about me freak me out, but I guess as long as it sits still and never leaps off the wire into the air, all is good.

Have a fabulous day all!


  1. Fantastic post! I hope you're able to do all the wind and solar power options you want with your future home.

  2. I hope so too. I've been reading up about getting heat from the ground to give an over all balanced air temp in the house year round. The heat exchange method seems to be one of the greenest ways to do that. Most homes could be built using this method and save the owners not only huge fuel bills but stop so much of the rapid consumption of natural gas and electricity we humans seem to do.

  3. A very interesting post- I like the design of modern turbines as well.

    I live in Australia -Gipssland to be more accurate, one of the cores of our greenhouse production. Every time the subject of wind energy comes up all the townsfolk yammer on about how much they hate it, and go to the extent of putting hate signs in their front yard! Of course they still complain about the power plants and shake their head despairingly at Climate Change. I personally love them- I have a windmill in my backyard and it makes me feel good just to look on it.


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