5 Apr 2008

Orange and purple anyone?

I'm a bit of a bright colour lover. I think it's a reaction to living in a house as a child that if anything stayed still long enough my dad painted it white. His argument was that white was an easy colour to replicate and it reflected lots of light... which is true I guess, but it is a little clinical. I now live in a house that has a bright blue hallway, a burgundy snug, a jade living room, a yellow kitchen and a purple bathroom. It's that way because I go through colour phases. One month I'll be hankering for pink and the next green. At the moment I'm on a purple and orange vibe (you'd never have guessed from this blog, would you ? hehe). So I went looking on Dawanda and found some yummy goodies in purple and orange to share with you all today.

Let us start with this very pretty necklace from Lisa's Lovelies. I'm loving the orange colour of the Carnelian. If I could get a paint that colour I think I would paint my bedroom burn orange. Warm and cosy! My Birth stone is Amethyst so I love the purple too.

Just how flippin' cute is this dress from Ogekko? Don't you wish when you see cute little baby clothes that they looked good in adult size too or that you were still small enough to fit them? Ogekko has a shop full of such gorgeous creations as this.

ideenreich-berlin made this beautiful fibrelicious bracelet. Purple, orange and felted wool! Perfection! Yes I know I have a fibre fetish as well as colour addiction. This lady sells a wide variety of goods, from gummi bear earrings to recycled vinyl record bowls. Something for everyone.

This fabulous fall photo print is for sale in Calobee's Six Hours Photography shop. They look like oak leaves to me but I'm probably wrong. I love trees! So again two of my favourites here in one piece. The lovely orange colour of the leaves in autumn kind of belie the cold of winter to come.

WollPia can solve the problem of the cold with her wärmflasche (hot water bottles). They are covered in lovely cosy felt to stop the bottle being too hot to cuddle... because if you are like me you naughtily ignore the "DO NOT fill with boiling water" instruction at the neck of the bottle and you fill it straight out of the just boiled kettle, which makes an uncovered bottle just that bit too hot to clutch to your body. Yes I know, I'm bad!

I think today we will finish with this lovely little bag from Borsellina. I'm loving it for the shape, colour and the star patch. It looks like a perfect beach bag. Just enough space in it for a bikini, sandwich and book. All you really need!

I'm off now to try and find some orange paint for my bedroom and a big purple throw to cover the bed... well that is unless Jon stops me and makes me see sense. Have a fabulous weekend dear readers!


  1. I'll take the photo and hot water bottle please!

  2. beautiful picks, I love the colours

  3. Great picks, especially the necklace. I love orange and purple too (and my father lovingly painted the walls of my bedroom grey, put in grey carpet and a grey wardrobe).

  4. Oh thank you! :D What a pleasant surprise, to find myself on this lovely list.

  5. I love purple and red/orange together...as a florist I used that combo all the time together...nice list and thanks for sharing :)


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