18 Apr 2008

Hoopdance Clothing

As some of you might know I'm a bit of a hula hoop fan. I love the centred feeling I get from hooping. I've not been able to hoop for months and it's really getting on my nerves being unable to do it. I've been watching hoop video's on line and chatting with other hoopers here and there, and it just makes me long to get back out there and wiggle my booty. I went looking for some new hooping clothes and found this selection. I'm not sure I'll be wearing some of them as it might show off a bit too much of my not so trim body.

I'm loving these yoga pants from FoatDesign. Such a pretty colour and the lovely blue trims just set them off for me. They look wonderfully comfortable, just right for hooping in.

Hooping against bare flesh is always easier than over bulky clothes, but it can get a little chilly showing off so much skin. These vibrant leg warmers from OsiVinylDoll could be just the thing to keep a bit of warmth in.

When learning kick ups with a hoop I think I could have done with a pair of these socks from mommaknits. They would have offered perfect padding around the ankles and might have saved me from some of the bruises I got.

Bare shoulder flesh is great for hooping. Again this can cause you to get a little chilly, so these glamorous arm sleeves would be a perfect addition to your hooping costume. MsPresto has lots of lovely items to wear in her shop that would look great whilst hooping.

I'm loving this pretty little outfit from CresentWench. If had the figure, I'd make up a glittery gold and green hoop to go with this cute skirt and top and get my wiggletastic mojo on! As soon as I'm fit, I'm going to exercise myself back into shape so I can look good in this.

Until the day I get trim I think I will be wearing something like this gorgeous set from OmMade. It will cover up a bit more of my wobbly bits and look stunning to boot! This lady's shop is full of lovely clothes perfect for hooping or yoga.

I'm not only a fan of hooping, I'm a poi spinner too and whilst looking for hooping clothes I found this fabulous picture in Akaisilks shop. This lady hand dyes silk and makes beautiful items from the resultant fabric. The shop is full of sumptuously coloured silk goods that I adore.

I'm longing to get back out there hooping and poi spinning and with all these great clothes to wear I'm hoping when I do I'll be able to do it in style!


  1. I like those Yoga socks! They would be great for those winter pedicure's when you have to leave in your sandals so you don't ruin the polish. At least there would be a little warmth :)

  2. I love those yoga pants! Thanks for finding all these great items to share with us!

  3. I am impressed and sure not to leave any pictures of myself.Some unusual outfits but looking good as modeled.

  4. Here's hoping you'll soon be wiggling in some of these fab pieces!

  5. I love poi! :)
    I've been wanting to get in to hoop dance but I haven't started yet. It looks fun and relaxing.

  6. I love hooping too! I'm glad I stumbled here from tribe to a fellow Etsian.

    I've also been eyeing pants from Treehouse28! They look comfy & perfect for hooping & regular life.

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