30 Apr 2008

So, Tarzan walks into an Estate Agents and says....

... I'd like to purchase a house please.

Hello and good afternoon readers!
Continuing on this week's theme of trees, I've spent a while today, sitting on the bed, remembering all the times I had wanted a tree house and never got one, or when my granddad would give me 3 small planks, 4 nails, a hammer, a saw and a length of rope, and I would say that I was off to make a tree house. More often than not however, I would just nail the wood together, cut my hand on the saw, pretend the rope was a snake trying to kill me, and try to see the biggest hole I could make in the ground with the hammer. Thankfully however,I'm an "adult" now, and as one of the advantages of being an adult is the fact that you can do all the things you wanted to as a kid, but were never allowed or you could never afford to, I thought I had better start looking for my wooden palace in the sky!

The only thing I don't like about some tree houses, are the ones that simply look like someone has glued a shed that they bought down the garden centre, onto a tree. I want a tree house with zip lines, trap doors and secret cubby holes, not one that my mum would store her gardening gloves, spade and runner bean seeds in!

Magical Play from Squirrel Designs . This woody creation is brought to you by the powers of Squirrel Designs, a Wiltshire UK based family run company who specialise in making "romantic style outdoor structures using natural materials which empathise with their surroundings". It sounds like the perfect thing to have and take your loved one off to for some "quality 'us' time".

Tree Houses from Rob Rowe look quite damn fine to me, as well as being only 'down the road' from us in Wales. He has over 20 years experience in making tree houses and other outdoor wooden structures so sounds like just the man and I'm sure he will have a plan!

The Lord of the Rings tree house from High Life Tree Houses is just one in a wide range of treehouses, "Hobbit Holes", Summer houses/ sheds and play areas that this company makes. Although, one thing that surprises is that this company is based in London - London doesn't have many green spaces to build treehouses in! If it were up to me, all the non descript, generic, soulless corporate buildings would be torn down and replaced with HUGE treehouses, complete with zip lines and slides!

A creation from "Alister Orme" for his kids. All together now; "Ahhhhhhhh!". This is without a doubt my favourite treehouse that I found today. It was built by one man, for his kids, and he has added to it over the years. It originally was going to just be a standard treehouse for his kids, but now has a 120' (yes, one hundred and twenty foot!) long zip line from the main house to the the treehouse, a slide, an extra building attached to the original treehouse by a suspended bridge and it even as a squirrel house/box thingy to attract squirrels to live nearby. Apparently a squirrel called "Burt" has taken up residence there.

A concept of the next generation of treehouses, as seen over here on Gizmodo. To be honest, the whiteness implies more cold metal than anything, and Im much more of a woody person myself. Its not that it doesnt look good, its more that it just looks a bit more generic and plain, rather than the character that wood gives.

Now gimmie my wooden palace in the sky!


  1. Gotta love those treehouses! If my husband had his way we'd live in a treehouse like the Swiss Family Robinson.

  2. yeah I would rather have a wood tree house than a white what. Defeats the whole purpose of having a "tree" house. love the Lord of the Rings one!


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