10 Apr 2008

Funky Diva's Delights

I listed another of my Funky Fluffy hats today on etsy, so I thought I'd do a feature on other sellers funky Diva delights! There are lots of sellers out there making funky goods for all those people that love to stand out from the crowd.

This Matinee corset from Jacci is as funky as they come. No diva could resist. It has an anime print on the fabric and steel boning to help clinch in that waist.

How about these funky diva flip flops from MAEandMe? They would look great on the beach, by the pool or even walking down the red carpet at the première of your new movie!

Ooooo this is gorgeous. HeySailor made this fabulously funky diva mini hat. Sparkly sequins catch the light and the fluffy feathers catch the breeze to grab every ones attention.

Now these shoes come from the lovely Bunny. They are so fabulously funky as are all the items in this talented ladies shop. From shoes to photo-manipulations this shop is a funky diva's heaven.

MaisyBrownReproRetro created this adorable wiggletastic skirt to accentuate hips and sexy buns. Any funky diva would be the centre of attention in this skirt. Sadly for me, the dress I loved most in Maisy's shop has already sold.

So all you Divas looking for delights there are plenty to choose from made by independent artisans to make you look fabulous and by purchasing from people that make the goods themselves you can get items custom made, completely unique and individual to you!


  1. You're a sweetheart, thank you so much for showing off my skirt! I love your blog - it's full of great eye candy and reads really well.
    Maisy xox

  2. Love the diva feature (not too surprising, huh?)

    btw, High Desert Diva is listed as a label, and sadly, I didn't have anything to offer for this feature... although all those other labels could apply to me... :-)


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