22 Apr 2008

Naughty me!

Well Jon didn't get around to making one, so I South Parked him.

I guess I should add a photo of him to prove he doesn't look like that. Ermmmm... thats not so helpful either is it. the strange thing it I can't remember why he is dressed like that or what I have in my cheek (I'm the one walking through the back of the shot).

Now if this one of him spinning flags doesn't make you smile nothing will... well it makes me smile. He's just sooooo buff! Phwoar!


  1. That's hilarious! He looks like a heitant s*

  2. Oops. I was saying a hesitant s* disturber. Haha. Where did you get the background?

    I'm just floating in white space on mine. My hair actually looks like that. I seriously need a haircut.

  3. If you press the button that says back you can choose colours and scenes.

  4. I love beaches! I would definitely wear my cape on the beach.

    I love your South Park pirate portrait. You and Jon are so cute! Lots of yummy rippling muscles on him!

  5. :D yep! He's gorgeous, but shhhhh don't tell him or his head will swell and burst!

  6. yep...that last one definitely made me smile :-)

  7. You two are funny ...

    Which one of the JCs is that? (they all look the same to me with tents in the background!)

  8. The bottom one was taken by Dom at the second Play Festival and the one above was taken at at Hayle meet in Cornwall.


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