9 Apr 2008

My Robot

So I managed to come up with a robot today. I've been a bit stuck in bed so it's not exactly what I was hoping to make, but it absorbed my attention for a few hours, so it's all good. The photo is a bit rubbish due to taking it indoors, but you get the idea. He is cut from felt and a shiny fabric off cut and then hand stitched to the background. I might cut him out so he has a bit of the red/orange background all the way around him and turn him into a patch to put onto something... I'm not sure what yet though.

Baldylocks has come up with a fabulous robot picture on her blog. Baldylocks, your son is an absolute star!

Hobbit1978 has this gorgeous robot in his shop that he would like to share with us on the Robot Challenge. Thanks Hobbit1978!


  1. I love him, he's so cute. I'm going to do mine in a few minutes.

    How did you make that little link?

  2. I did it! But I don't know how to make that neat link!

  3. To do links you need to do a bit of HTML

    Word you are using as a link

    it's simple when you know how :) and have a geeky boyfriend to tell you hehehe

  4. Grrrrr that didn't work it just turned into a link... How do I show this without it making a link... ok first you put an < followed by an a then you put href="Url here">Word you want as the link here< and then /a and a >

  5. He is fantastic! Love the shape... and that shiny fabric is the bomb!

    Hope you get to feeling better. I have hyperlinking instructions on my blog...I'll pass them on to Roseanne.

  6. Thanks! I made poi out of the shiny fabric. They sparkled like rainbows when you spun them.


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