29 Apr 2008


As it's tree week, I'm about to share with you my love of willow sculptures. The first time I remember becoming aware there was such a thing as willow sculptures was at one of the Womad festivals where I saw a large pagoda that twinkled in the sunlight due to bits of glass, mirror and beads hanging down from the intricately woven archways that allowed you to get inside the sculpture. It was a boiling hot weekend and, as is typical at a lot of festivals, finding somewhere to get out of the sun at midday was difficult, but this beautiful sculpture was like a cool haven inside protecting us from the strength of the noon day sun. I was so in awe of the skill needed to build the structure that I did a little searching on the net when I got home and found that the domed pagoda was really rather simple compared to the sculptures I subsequently found and I was wowed all over again by the beauty these artists were creating with simple pliable willow withies.

Kim Creswell created this gorgeous oinky pig. Jon thinks he wouldn't be very good at finding truffles and his bacon won't be very tasty,but I think he is fantabulous!

This is called Sprouting seed and was created by Worral Hood for the National Forestry Commission, Leicestershire. It was made from living willow, so there is every chance it could sprout and grow.

For someone that's never seen male hares fighting it out to see who gets to be the boss this sculpture could look like hares dancing but Sara Holmes has perfectly caught the moment of a hares boxing match in the spring.

Patrick Dougherty created this amazing installation of houses nestled in amongst the trees. How brilliant would it be if we could just weave a living home out of willow. Maybe I should try that instead of a tyre house.

I found this fabulous spider using google image search. I can't seem to track down the willow artist or the name of the photographer, but I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. If you are either the photographer or the artist let me know and I'll link and credit you.

I hope you guys like my choices and are inspired to maybe have a go yourself at creating a sculpture from willow. I'd love to see the results if you do!

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