4 Apr 2008

Ouch Pain

I'm very ouchie most days, so pain is always there in the back of my mind. Today I thought I'd seek out some pain remedies to share with you all. I picked out a mixed batch of goodies that could help with a range of things so I hope there is something here for you if you are in pain.

Sygnet Creations can help you out, if you suffer from neck pain, with her lovely neck pillows. She has a large selection of colours, sizes and patterns to choose from. Perfect for travelling or just using around the house to give your neck added support whilst you sit crafting. She also has children's sizes, perfect for supporting their heads whilst they doze on long car journeys.

Just the name of this made me smile, because it is such an apt moniker for it. Bitch away is made by Orion Stars. It is a special mixture that aids in the soothing of menstrual cramps, but it can be used to soothe other cramped muscles too. So it's not just one for the girls.

For those of you unlucky enough to suffer from arthritis Lavender Dragon Herbs might be able to offer you some relief with her special tea infusion. Dragon Ease Arthritis Tea™ is a mix of wild and organic herbs and flowers that judging by the photo look gorgeous. Take care not to drink too much though and seek medical advice (as with any remedies) before usage.

Do you get tension or sinus headaches but don't like to pop loads of pills to get rid of the pain? Then pamper yourself with Uppity Woman Designs eye mask. It can be heated in the microwave to offer relief from sinus pain headaches and if you need it to relieve tension headaches it works equally well if you first chill it in the freezer. Just heat or chill it and then place it over your eyes and lay back and relax for a while, dreaming happy dreams of sunshine and holidays.

Wash the Day Away has a shop full of beautiful goodies. The one pictured is a sore muscle rub. The cream soothes and warms your muscles to help ease away the pain. If you have little ones that still wear nappies she also has a cream that helps soothe nappy rash

Magnets have long been used for the treatment of arthritis and other joint pain. They are also believed to help speed up the knitting together of broken bones. bhamann2001 has this lovely magnetic bracelet designed for men, although I guess it can be worn by women to. I like it because it is simple yet stylish and in earthy tones. It also doesn't look like a medical bracelet, which does sometimes put people off wearing the items.

So if you are in need of some pain relief go and take a look at some of the alternatives to chemical pain killing drugs. Remember before using anything new to check out with your doctor that it is ok for you to use. Different people react differently to things and also you need to be sure anything you do doesn't interfere or react with any meds you are currently
taking. Have a happy day and may it be as pain free as possible!


  1. What a wonderful blog..it is nice to have a chance to try something natural.

  2. Here's to the pain going away!

    Great selection of items...

  3. Oh Thank you so much for feature our neck pillow in your blog =) You have such a lovely site!! and I adore that "bitch Away" How cute is that!!!

  4. What a Wonderful Blog, I have bookmarked it for future visits.
    Thank You for featuring My Arthritis Tea, I have Customers that swear by it, and say it works Very Well.

  5. Love your selections and your blog! The new banner is really pretty!

  6. Great blog!! I didn't know that there were so many health-related items on Etsy. Great selection. Uppitywomandesigns has some wonderful sinus/headache relief masks that really work. I love heating them up in the microwave. Just in time for spring allergies!

    Keep up the good work, it looks great! Wonderful descriptions too!

  7. What a grrrreat blog! I agree with the others comments that it is good to see holistic and health related items listed here. Any time you can relieve pain without drugs and naturally, I am all for it.

    Thank you for featuring one of my gemstone magnetic bracelets. I can honestly say, from my own personal experience, that the magnetic jewelry works for me. I have degenerative disc damage in my neck which makes my hands go numb. I wear my magnetic bracelet, an ankle bracelet and a necklace daily and have done so for over 6 months now. I am no longer plagued by the excruciating headaches and the wrist pain that I used suffered from.

    I have bookmarked this blog and will check back often. Great info and items. Keep up the good work.


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