26 Apr 2008


I love Hula Hoops

Last night was my Nephews 18th birthday party. It was held in the local football clubs hall. My sister in law had hired a disco (yep one of those old school wedding discos) that was playing a fair bit of dubious music. Most of the guests were either middle aged family members or teenage friends of my nephew. I think the DJ wasn't sure which crowd to try and please so he played an odd mish mash of tunes that didn't really seem to fit either group.

After about an hour of seeing only my sister and sister in law bother to get up and do a bit of silly dancing and making fools of themselves (in a good way) I thought "enough is enough". I asked Jon to go home and pick up some hula hoops. Within a few minutes of the hula hoops arriving, and me doing a bit of wiggling with one, there were loads of people up and dancing and joining in. People that had never hooped had a go, the DJ of the disco got so excited about it he arranged competitions of boys v girls and a jolly good time was had by all.

I think people would have got up and danced after a few drinks even if the hoops weren't there but the hoops managed to encourage a few of the people that wouldn't normally dance to get up too and they all had a go at wiggling them. Succeed or fail they all seemed to be smiling after their attempts to hula hoop and the competition winners were treated to a drink by the DJ as prizes. The DJ was so thankful for the hoops breaking the ice that he asked me if he could buy some. Yippee!

I do feel for DJ's when they have to play to a mixed crowd as it can be hard to decide where to pitch your music to especially at family gatherings as you don't want to cause anyone to feel like they want to leave. Well it seemed no matter what age the hoops were a hit. Yay hula hoops!

I've always said they have some kind of magical power of happiness contained in their circular form that's just waiting to cast it's spell on people. All you have to do to get the power out of them is wiggle them around your body. The power is so strong that some of it gets sprayed out onto people standing near by, because you can't hula hoop anywhere without it giving passers by a smile. It's wiggletastic!

(photo to follow)


  1. Your night sounds so incredible. Can you be here for my sons 18th?

    Your story reminds me of a family dance when my son was in grade 5. I didn't feel well so I was stuck on the bench. It was for his elementary school. My youngest began dancing like he was born to do it. He was dancing and spinning on the floor etc. A huge crowd surrounded him. He completely charged up the place.

    I think you guys would get along and rock the house.


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