28 Apr 2008

Tree Challenge

This weeks Challenge word is Tree. I picked it because Jon had gone to stay with our friend Nick for 2 days to help him plant an orchard of apple tree saplings. Nick is starting up a Cider making business, Ceri Valley Orchards Ltd, and is planting the new orchard so that in years to come he has new trees full of yummy apples. The business is in its infancy so you won't be able to buy the cider yet, but I'll let you know when it's on sale.

Add to this that yesterday I found the gorgeous shop Hi Tree and you can see why I picked the word.

Again it's all for fun and as a bit of inspiration for people to try something new and share it with the rest of us. So all you need to do is create /write /document /photograph something that is related to trees. Either send me a convo on etsy with a picture of your item or a copy of what you have written or comment on this blog entry with a link to your blog article with the tree related item/prose.

This morning I received another entry for the Spider challenge from Buttons 'N Such. What a pretty little leather cuff! Thanks you for joining in Buttons!


  1. Lynne...the link you have in the forums is to the spider challenge....

  2. Every time you have a challenge, I want to try and forget..This time I will find something with a tree and shock you..probably shock myself..

  3. I look forward to seeing what you come up with Rosebud. Will you be joining in littlesun? I hope so.

  4. I love the tree photo. I'll have to check out that shop.


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