1 May 2008

Trees and bees and fleas and tea...and Star Wars

Today is Thursday. Thursday starts with the letter "t", which coincidentally, is the same letter that our first featured piece does: "trees"!

Now, these trees are not actually made by vintagechoochoodoc however I thought Id feature them as there is a small story to them. The gentleman who used to own these, is now 84 years old, and due to this, he can no longer use his model railway. As such, he is selling off all his old model railway bits and bobs. Its well worth a look, though I hope you aren't as disappointed as I was when I clicked "Transformers" - there was no Optimus Prime, or any Autobot for that matter , in sight.

In the words of one of my favourite cartoon characters ever: "Once I take care of the humans, I will start my war… against the bees!" - well thankfully in this picture by starshinegallery there are no robot bees in sight. There are however, a swarm of them, attacking the nasty man that is trying to steal their honey!

This pretty flea market painting of a tree was painted by phantomcrimes and I think its rather cool. I'm a fan of hexagons and the colour green, so this painting has it all for me!

One of my favourite drinks in the world is tea. Tea is awesome and tea rocks. Milk and sugar for me, though I'd rather sit inside in front of a warm fire, snuggling the cats, rather than sitting under a tree. Where we live, there are little bugs in the tree that I'd rather not have fall into my tea! This picture was made by pipodoll

So we come to the final piece today, and my, my, my. What a piece! This is a "custom" made Star Wars Return of the Jedi Endor Ewok treehouse! How awesome in this? Its 3 foot (one meter) tall and is made entirely from Lego parts! This beautiful creation was beautifully created by the capable hands (and I hope feet) of Fullybrickmodels (Id just love to think of someone making a lego model with their feet!)

We hope you like today's blog. We are off to play with lego, whilst drinking a cup of tea, stroking some bees in a tree, but only after flea treating the cats. See you tomorrow gorgeous!

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