21 May 2008


I'm finding it hard to concentrate on writing a blog today, because we just got the good news that Jon has got a new job! He starts on 2nd June. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! All my word pictures in my head are doing a celebratory dance in my fuzzy dyslexic brain, so if it wasn't for the spell check on Firefox I wouldn't be able to write this. Yay technology and Yay Jon!

I guess I should get down to making something orange or blogging about something orange, but all I want to do is sing "Jonny is so great! Jonny is so great!" My geeky goodness man has got himself a job in I.T.

Ok, skully think about orange and stop wiggling about and singing, because it's making the laptop jump about too much and Weapon X is giving you odd looks.... ok orange.....

Maybe this gorgeous orange yarn from Knitty Dirty Girl can inspire someone into making something all fiery and warm looking. I'm loving the rich mix of colours. It looks so sumptuous and reminds me of blood oranges.

Or how about this fantastic fantasy dress from Deconstructstress with its fallen leaves and wings. The dress is constructed in layers, a tutu frilled skirt with a long sweeping train over it at the back. I'm loving it!

100 yummy orange numbered resin pendants from LeeLooStudio make a great installation all hanging together, but each one would look equally as great as a solo piece draped elegantly around your neck.

Ok my concentration is failing me now. I'm off to sing more songs about how fabulous Jon is! Have a fabulous day people!


  1. Wow what awesome finds! Congrats Jon!

  2. Yay Jon!!!

    Love all your choices today...that dress is beyond fantastic!


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