29 May 2008

Jumpin Jehosafats Batman!

Of all the cartoon characters I know Robin, The Wonder Boy, has to be my least favourite. The original Batman comic strip didn't have Robin in it, he was added to the cast about a year on from the start. Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger felt they needed a side kick for Batman and as they were big fans of the story of Robin Hood they fashioned The Wonder Boy on him. I personally feel the same way about Robin as Cat Woman did...

  • Catwoman: I could give you more happiness than anyone in the world.
  • Batman: How do you propose to do that?
  • Catwoman: By being your partner in life, I mean it's me and you against the world.
  • Batman: What about Robin?
  • Catwoman: Hmmm. . . I know. We'll kill him.

Now I reckon that if Catwoman were to kick Robin's butt it would start with a Biff! I Make Cute Stuff made this beautiful Biff sterling silver necklace. Perfect for those days when you want to be a superhero but don't really want to wear your underwear outside of your trousers.

Now If I were one of the Monty Pythons Hells Grannies, I'd put a brick in this little bag and use it to thwap Robin. Dressumups made this perfect little bag. On the other side of this bag it says "Bonk", so double the fun!

I'm guessing if Catwoman were to try and knock off The Boy Wonder, Batman would come to Robins aid. The BAM! badge Hybernate made would make a perfect screen to cover up the actual act, because you never did see the final blow land in the comic books.

Message on a button made enough buttons to cover up all the fight scenes in an entire 1960's TV series of Batman and Robin. My personal favourite is the KAPOW! badge. It's such a great word, although all of them are fabulous!

Trusty Sidehick has created the perfect way to add a dose of laughter to a school yard fight, with her children's t-shirt. All you child needs to do is jump across the view of the audience (who inevitably gather round before the teacher breaks it up) every time one of the urchins lands a blow. The audience will be rolling with laugher, which will hopefully also break up the fight- they are only fighting for everyone's attention anyway....

I guess I'm not really with Catwoman as I don't agree that Robin should be killed. I'm not really into violence... maybe we could just ladder his tights so he doesn't want to go out in public.

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